Soft meringues for Kate & William...

For 8 meringue cornets (about 80 meringues)

100 g/ 4 oz / 1 cup of Biscuit Rose powder (the equivalent of 12 Biscuits Roses mixed ground in a blender)
● 3 egg whites
● 100 g/ 4 oz / ½ cup / granulated sugar
● 50 g/ 2 oz / ½ cup icing sugar
● liquid vanilla extract

The Recipe

1 Beat the egg whites into firm peaks. Add the granulated sugar. Using a skimmer, sprinkle over the icing sugar mixed with the Biscuit Rose powder. Finally add ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract.
2 Using piping bag and a fluted nozzle, pipe small meringues on to greaseproof paper.
3 Bake at about 150 ° C (gaz mark 2) with the door of the oven ajar. After 30 minutes, switch off the oven and leave the meringues to dry for an hour.
4 Make some nice cones and fill them with the small meringues.

These delicate meringues make a refined table decoration, for special occasion…

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